This Can Happen delivers a packed Agenda of solution-led talks and discussions driven by original, fresh and influential speakers. Our speakers are always genuine experts with experience of providing solutions to mental health in the workplace across the world.

Previous keynote speakers include HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Nadiya Hussain, Melanie Brown, Joe Wicks, Tony Adams MBE and Nicky Campbell.

See our speakers for 2022 below:

2022 Keynote Speaker

Dr Sian Williams photo
Dr Sian Williams
Journalist, presenter and counselling psychologist

2022 Speakers

Claudine Adeyemi photo
Claudine Adeyemi
Founder and CEO
Simon Akers photo
Simon Akers
CEO / Founder / Marketing Strategist
Dagmara Aldridge photo
Dagmara Aldridge
Chief People and Culture Officer
James Alford photo
James Alford
Senior Director, Digital Innovation and Beyond
Jacob Barr photo
Jacob Barr
CBT Therapist / Clinical Supervisor / Jteen Founder
J.Barr Consulting Ltd
Joe Bellman photo
Joe Bellman
Meike Bliebenicht photo
Meike Bliebenicht
Neurodiversity Programme Lead
Sarah Boddey photo
Sarah Boddey
Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, EMEA & APAC
Amy Budd photo
Amy Budd
Head of Brand, Digital and Exams Officer Communications
Harpreet Butoy photo
Harpreet Butoy
Business Manager
Daniel Callaghan photo
Daniel Callaghan
Employer Branding Manager
Daniel Chan photo
Daniel Chan
Global Workplace and Wellbeing Lead
Charissa Chan photo
Charissa Chan
Head of People and Culture
Ben Channon photo
Ben Channon
Founder of Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum
Benita Chick photo
Benita Chick
Founder & CEO
Jyoti Choitram photo
Jyoti Choitram
Global Wellbeing Manager
Atif Choudhury photo
Atif Choudhury
Helen Colquhoun photo
Helen Colquhoun
Partner, Head of Employment Asia
Kathryn Courtenay-Evans photo
Kathryn Courtenay-Evans
Insight & Strategy Director
Rhonda D’Ambrosio photo
Rhonda D’Ambrosio
Dr Kara Davey photo
Dr Kara Davey
Clinical and Coaching Psychologist
Julie Denning photo
Julie Denning
Managing Director
Marne Dioquino photo
Marne Dioquino
Human Resources Executive
Bryony Duff photo
Bryony Duff
Head of Employee Experience
Michael Frohlich photo
Michael Frohlich
CEO, EMEA + Global Transformation Lead
Rebecca Fuller photo
Rebecca Fuller
Advocate for Women's Health
Colin Gant photo
Colin Gant
Training and Recruitment Consultant
Nina Goswami photo
Nina Goswami
Creative Diversity Lead
Bruce Greenhalgh photo
Bruce Greenhalgh
Senior Wellbeing Specialist
Mark Greenwald photo
Mark Greenwald
Benefits and Wellbeing Advisor, Europe
Anouchka Grose photo
Anouchka Grose
Psychoanalyst and writer
Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research
Kris Hall photo
Kris Hall
Simon Harrow photo
Simon Harrow
Chief Operating Officer
Kel Hartman photo
Kel Hartman
Chief People Officer
Tamara Hassan photo
Tamara Hassan
Senior Business Partner, Global Emerging Markets
Tom Heywood photo
Tom Heywood
IT Project Manager
Samantha Hiew photo
Samantha Hiew
Tom Holliss photo
Tom Holliss
Chief People Officer
Ryan Hopkins photo
Ryan Hopkins
Global Workplace of the Future Lead
Molly Howes photo
Molly Howes
Technical Product Owner/Co-Chair of Carers Community
Jade Ijeh photo
Jade Ijeh
Learning & Development Relationship Manager
Becky Inkster photo
Becky Inkster
Digital Mental Health Neuroscientist
Self-Employed & Cambridge University
Jonny Jacobs photo
Jonny Jacobs
Finance Director
Ruby Jaucian photo
Ruby Jaucian
Chief Human Resource Officer
Aboitiz Renewables Inc
Barbara Jeffery photo
Barbara Jeffery
Royston John photo
Royston John
Gillian Joseph photo
Gillian Joseph
Sky News
Andrew Kinder photo
Andrew Kinder
Professional Head of Mental Health Services
Optima Health
Emma Lawrance photo
Emma Lawrance
Mental Health Innovations Fellow
Institute of Global Health Innovation
Katie Legg photo
Katie Legg
Director - Strategy and Partnerships
Enoch Li photo
Enoch Li
Founder & Managing Director
Hannah Longman photo
Hannah Longman
Vice President, Programme Manager
Carolyn Lorian photo
Carolyn Lorian
Head of Clinical Transformation
Victoria Lyons photo
Victoria Lyons
Head of Service Development Consultant Admiral Nurses
Haya Malik photo
Haya Malik
Well Being Manager
Bayer Pakistan Pvt. Ltd
Tanya Marwaha photo
Tanya Marwaha
Founder and CEO
Vic Mazonas photo
Vic Mazonas
General Manager
Manisha Mehrotra photo
Manisha Mehrotra
Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Europe Middle East and Africa
Pauline Miller photo
Pauline Miller
Chief Equity Officer, EMEA
Dr Monika Misra photo
Dr Monika Misra
Head of Employee Health and Wellbeing, Europe
Wendy Mitchell photo
Wendy Mitchell
Dr Jess Morgan photo
Dr Jess Morgan
Doctor, primary teacher
Claire Murray photo
Claire Murray
Colleague Wellbeing Lead
Gethin Nadin photo
Gethin Nadin
Claire Neal photo
Claire Neal
Head of Workplace Mental Health
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya photo
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
Consultant Psychiatrist
The Soke
Alka Patel photo
Alka Patel
GP and Founder
Lifestyle First®
Antoinette Patterson photo
Antoinette Patterson
Co-Founder / CEO
Alison Pay photo
Alison Pay
Managing Director
Rosie Phillips photo
Rosie Phillips
Deputy CEO
Ruth Pott photo
Ruth Pott
Head of Workplace Wellbeing
Bhairavi Prakash photo
Bhairavi Prakash
Neelum Prakash photo
Neelum Prakash
Vice President, International
Emmy-Lou Quirke photo
Emmy-Lou Quirke
Jnr Board ESG & Wellbeing Lead
PwC Singapore
Arti Ram photo
Arti Ram
Head of Brand & Company Marketing, Asia Pacific
Louisa Rose photo
Louisa Rose
Neil Shah photo
Neil Shah
Chief De-stressing Officer
Aaron Sherwood photo
Aaron Sherwood
Innovation Consultant & WEF Global Shaper
Amandip Sidhu photo
Amandip Sidhu
Nike Siffre photo
Nike Siffre
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Coach
Nike Siffre Therapy
Zoe Sinclair photo
Zoe Sinclair
Anya Sizer photo
Anya Sizer
Fertility in the Workplace Lead
Landy Slattery photo
Landy Slattery
Creative Director - All 4
Katy Stolliday photo
Katy Stolliday
Co Founder and Chief Client Officer
Jennifer Tam photo
Jennifer Tam
Serina Tan photo
Serina Tan
Founder & Managing Director
Krystal Tang photo
Krystal Tang
Wellness Leader
Amanda Teo photo
Amanda Teo
Data Analyst
JP Morgan
Laura-Rose Thorogood photo
Laura-Rose Thorogood
Kendall Turner photo
Kendall Turner
HR Business Partner & Global Wellbeing Programme Lead
Star Wang photo
Star Wang
Senior HR Director
Sunita Wazir photo
Sunita Wazir
Global Wellbeing Lead
Karl Wilson photo
Karl Wilson
Group Mental Health Lead
Meg Zeenat Wamithi photo
Meg Zeenat Wamithi
Founder & CEO

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