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IMMERSE is about exploring where you are in your mental health journey and strategy and where you are going. Together we delve into topics that could be limiting the performance of your teams such as burnout, homeworking, isolation or line management intransience. We look to understand what is happening and why.

We provide moderated expert sessions that explore almost anything you need. Previous workshops have explored:

  • What is your mental health strategy?
  • What are leaders doing and why?
  • Where are you on leadership buy-in?
  • A problem shared….how we deal with specific issues?
  • Client shared sessions - How can we work better together to increase awareness of anxiety and its effects?

Facilitated one-to-one or mini groups
We moderate and support key people in your organisation to talk about how to tackle an issue and what to do next, looking to engage them in the process and become part of the solution. These could be:

  • Key stakeholders 
  • Business partners
  • Senior leaders
  • Mental Health Champions
  • Disparate teams that manage Mental Health

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This Can Happen Friends

Interested in becoming a This Can Happen Friend? Find out more about our 12 month rolling programme to support employee mental health strategies within your workplace.


My six page word doc of notes is a testament to how insightful and significant the event was! Thank you #TCH19.

Amy Priest, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion – Mental Health Lead, Experian