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This Can Happen Index

What is The Index and how can it help you? 

Why should your company participate? 

  • Fully project managed 
  • Minimum resource and time needed 
  • Attract and retain talent 
  • Benchmark – internally & externally 
  • Organisational ranking 
  • Accreditation 
  • Tender return statistics to support new business 
  • Sustainability return data
  • ROI impact on mental health of the organisation
  • Understand mental health absence rates 
  • Low cost
  • Trusted brands and partners involved
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Speed of set up 

Our partners 

Measuring workplace mental health can not be done alone. It requires many organisations joining together to ensure consistent results. We are delighted to be sharing The Index with the following organisations: 

To find out more and discover the key findings from the pilot, simply complete the form below.

For a no obligatory discussion on why, and how, you can easily get involved please get in touch.

This Can Happen Friends

Interested in becoming a This Can Happen Friend? Find out more about our 12 month rolling programme to support employee mental health strategies within your workplace.


We are delighted to announce our new partnership with This Can Happen, supporting us in offering the right mental health and wellbeing support to all our staff in every country across our EMEA region. For our people to truly thrive and be at their happiest, creative best, mental well-being has to be at the centre of what we do.

Michael Frohlich , EMEA CEO and Global Transformation Lead, Weber Shandwick