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Everyone is unique. Mental health support at work should be too

We are all different. Our unique individuality is baked into our DNA at the molecular level. Compounding this reality is each of our unique life experiences. We may share experiences that are thematically similar to those of others, but this does not override the genuinely irreplicable nature of our life story and how our experiences interact with our physiology – such as our brain chemistry – which is an expression of our unique genetic makeup.

In so far as this relates to mental wellbeing, what this means is that to help people truly grow and overcome the challenges that are unique to their lives, the help we give them must be personalised and highly tailored.

If someone was to ask you:

“What do you think you need to work on, or achieve, to grow as a person and lead a happier, more fulfilled life?”

How would you respond? Though it may take a little time, sooner or later each of us would be able to answer this question instinctively. We all know at a deep level what we need and what kind of solutions may, or may not be, right for us.

Of course, this is no secret, and this is the reason we built MindBerry in the way we did. MindBerry gives users the ability to freely search for, and have private sessions with, the professionals who are right for them, based on their specific needs and preferences. Some people have the need for support with their mental wellbeing. Others may wish to engage in personal development activities, such as coaching, that will help them achieve personal goals, thus bolstering their mental wellbeing overall.

In today’s environment, there is a lot of talk and application of one-size-fits-all solutions, such as content-based educational programmes. These solutions are not without benefit. They can and do help people to positively modify their thinking in around particular topics, and they are certainly better than nothing. However, they are very unlikely to facilitate the kind of personal breakthroughs that can transform a person’s life. Their creators simply cannot cover the endless combinations of subject matter that would be needed to meaningfully help everyone.

If we are serious about nurturing one another and the people we are responsible for – and we have the means to do so – personalised support is the real key. This is the only way we can address the crisis in our workplaces: last year, a global poll found that only 15% of the world’s workforce is “engaged” with their work and the report’s author suspects that this is the hidden cause of the decades-long decline in global productivity.

This being the case, is it any wonder that our businesses and other organisations suffer from the challenges they do? Poor mental wellbeing costs 300,000 people their jobs every year in the UK, each of these people potentially costing their organisation tens of thousands of pounds to replace. If we expect to survive and thrive into the future, we have to do better than this.

We spend as much as 30% of our lives working. Not only would it be a tragedy if the majority of us spent this time unfulfilled and simply going through the motions, but it is also terrible in terms of limits it places on the success of our endeavours. Anyone who has participated in counselling and coaching knows that it has the potential to be personally transformative; now imagine the net result of that support being available to everyone in your organisation. Through MindBerry, this transformation is possible.

Tom King
Co-founder / Head of Product

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