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Suppliers Directory

This Can Happen brings you a list of suppliers that all have a product or service that supports positive mental health in the workplace. This is not a full list but just some of the suppliers that have exhibited with us in the past. If you would like to be listed as a Supplier please contact info@tchevents.com



Beyond is a mental health charity which was formed in 2018 by award winning campaigner Jonny Benjamin MBE. It aims to provide mental health support to young people across the UK. So far it has given grants to various organisations to help them in their vital work with youngsters.


Business Mental Wellbeing

Business Mental Wellbeing provides a suite of intelligent workplace support tools, mental wellbeing consultancy and coaching services. We empower purpose-driven organisations to look after their best assets, their staff by creating clear wellbeing policies and providing bespoke mental wellbeing coaching to all staff who need it, regardless of their location.



At Champs we help forward-thinking teams and leaders turn mental wellbeing into their biggest asset at work – one conversation at a time.


Grief Encounter

Grief Encounter is currently one of the UK’s largest and most holistic bereavement services, offering free support to families in the UK following the death of a loved one. 



Happence is a digital workplace wellbeing provider. Rooted in neuroscience, Happence solutions empower people to better deal with life’s challenges and to thrive in ways that matter to them. In turn, their organisations see lasting improvements in productivity, performance and company culture.



Headspace Health helps organisations make the workplace a source of mental health strength and support. By giving employees the tools they need to take care of their minds, we’re stopping daily stress from building into serious cases of anxiety and depression, and solving problems of lost productivity and absenteeism at the same time. We focus on building healthy routines that last a lifetime across the spectrum of mental health and wellbeing needs, from promotion and prevention to therapy and psychiatry, guiding people to the proper care at the right time.


Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work improve working lives through changing attitudes and behaviour around workplace mental health. 


Mental Health UK

Bringing together the heritage and 50 years’ experience of four charities across the country, Mental Health UK provides support and services for the biggest societal challenges posing a threat to our mental health - we won’t stop until everyone has the tools they need to live their best possible life.



It’s no secret. Happy, fulfilled teams get the best results. MindBerry's digital platform lets your employees connect and work with mental health and coaching professionals online.



Peppy is a digital health app that connects your people to real, human health experts over chat, live events and virtual consultations. Peppy supports under-served areas of healthcare including menopause, fertility, pregnancy, early parenthood, men's health and women's health.



A not-for-profit organisation offering resilience assessment, consultancy, training and intervention. We’re dedicated to enhancing resilience for a stress-free, balanced and happy life, from childhood to adulthood, for individuals, families and organizations. Our goal is good mental health and emotional wellbeing for everyone.



Our mission is to make workplaces safer, happier and healthier. We help organisations create working environments that prioritise employee mental wellbeing and health. We are psychology-led, behavioural change specialists. Rightsteps is a social enterprise, learn more:


Shine Offline

Since 2016, Shine Offline have supported businesses to develop healthy digital cultures and positive tech behaviours amongst employees in an ‘always on’ world.  In a post-covid hybrid workplace, healthy tech habits has never been more important for wellbeing, work-life balance and collaboration. 




Schroders Personal Wealth

Schroders Personal Wealth take a fresh, transparent and personal approach to supporting the financial wellbeing of the UK both individually and within the workplace.



Togetherall addresses the rising need for a scalable and clinically managed solution to population mental health support. Togetherall is an anonymous, 24/7 and safe community for people struggling with common mental health concerns.



Unmind is a workplace mental health platform that empowers employees to proactively measure, understand, and improve their mental wellbeing, while giving leaders insight into the mental health of their people, enabling them to drive wider cultural change.


Work Well NW

Work Well NW is a leading provider of workplace wellness programs for companies and organisations worldwide.  We provide live, virtual classes, trainings and presentations on the evidence-based practices of mindfulness and yoga to increase employee resilience and well-being.


Working to Wellbeing



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I left with renewed energy, practical solutions and confident with the knowledge that having a Wellbeing Strategy should happen, must happen, can happen! Looking forward to 2020 already!

Karen Greville-Woods, Office Manager, Withers & Rogers Group LLP