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Nicholas Jemetta - This Can Happen Future Leader Award Winner 2019

Winning the This Can Happen Future Leader award in 2019 was a career and life highlight for me, both professionally and personally. Winning was incredible; thrilling, humbling, surprising but overall a massive shock! I was up against inspiring people who are doing such amazing work to transform how we think and act about mental health in the workplace. I was proud to win against such a calibre of finalists.

And for me, that calibre of individuals and businesses is what the This Can Happen awards, and broader event, is all about. It brings people together who are demonstrating passion, energy, commitment, thought leadership and excellence in creating more mentally healthy workplaces across the country. Amongst these workforces and in these workplaces so much good is being done both for the people employed, and for the effectiveness and productivity of the organisations employing them.

My personal mental health and wellbeing journey has been relatively recent, however the momentum I’ve created has delighted and surprised me in equal measure. From sharing my story for the first time, to co-chairing the first Mental Health & Wellbeing colleague group in Sainsbury’s, to vlogging and blogging about my experiences to the world on LinkedIn, I can see and feel the positive impact I’m having on other people. This hasn’t been restricted just to my friends, family and colleagues as I’ve had complete strangers reach out to me about my work.

Winning the This Can Happen award has turbocharged this impact and my broader mental health and wellbeing agenda. It enabled me to attend the This Can Happen event, it grew my network and therefore the possibilities ahead of me, infinitely. It connected me to like-minded people who are willing to share their successes and their best practice, so that I can bring real value into all the work I do inside and outside the workplace.

I’m working more closely with This Can Happen on a few initiatives and will also be judging at this year’s awards. None of this would have been possible were it not for the This Can Happen awards. 

Nicholas Jemetta
Principal Product Manager / Co-Chair Mental Health & Wellbeing Group
This Can Happen Future Leader Award Winner (2019)

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I left with renewed energy, practical solutions and confident with the knowledge that having a Wellbeing Strategy should happen, must happen, can happen! Looking forward to 2020 already!

Karen Greville-Woods, Office Manager, Withers & Rogers Group LLP