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We welcomed submissions from all types of workplaces, whether large or small, commercial or not-for-profit, from every type of industry and any country.

We encouraged entries that outlined successful strategies and campaigns that have been implemented, and that showed workplaces can drive positive solutions and outcomes. There was no restriction as to how many categories applicants could enter, so long as the categories were relevant to the entry. 

Entries to the 2024 Awards are now closed.
The winners will be announced at our Awards Ceremony on 5 June.

The Strategy Awards

1. Best Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy

This award recognises workplaces that have implemented an exceptional strategy to strengthen mental wellbeing in the workplace. Entries should consider:

  • How strategies are implemented from top to bottom.
  • Successfully breaking stigma around mental wellbeing with executive buy-in, resulting in company-wide cultural change.
  • Delivery of measurable improvement and success.

Entrants should demonstrate an inclusive, preventive and supportive approach to mental wellbeing. This could showcase how considerations around mental wellbeing are reflected in a strategic approach and wider policies and systems that flex to the needs of all employees, for example, recognising that good mental wellbeing cannot be taken for granted, by encouraging reasonable adjustments and flexible working.

2. Best Sustainable/Ongoing Mental Wellbeing Strategy (NEW)

This award recognises an organisation who has continued their commitment to mental wellbeing in the workplace and has built on their strategy year on year. Entrants should be able to demonstrate the growth and development of their wellbeing strategy over time and how their proven dedication has led to the mental wellbeing of their organisation always being an important cornerstone.

3. Best New Workplace Approach to Mental Wellbeing

This award will be given to a workplace that has recently recognised explicitly the importance of addressing mental wellbeing, and within the past 18 months has taken the first steps to change the culture via a holistic and focused approach to maintaining and improving the mental wellbeing of all employees.

Due to the limited timeframe companies at this stage of their mental wellbeing journey have had to see the benefits of this work emerge. Judges will not focus solely on outcomes but will consider the impetus and process behind the initiative and the action plan to deliver it.

The Engagement Awards

4.​ Best Targeted Mental Wellbeing Campaign

This category celebrates mental wellbeing campaigns and initiatives that workforces have implemented for either (a) a specific group of employees, or (b) a specialist initiative to solve a particular workplace challenge – for example, men and mental health, addiction at work, menopause, or stress. Entries should clearly outline the target group or issue addressed and demonstrate how the initiative improved the situation for the target group or solved the challenge.

5. Best Idea to Engage Colleagues

This award recognises those workplaces that have developed simple, creative ways to engage colleagues and their mental wellbeing. Judges will be looking for a clear outline of the engaging idea and an example of its effectiveness.

The Internal Support Awards

6. Best Employee Network/Resource Group

This category looks to identify networks that can demonstrate how they have been instrumental in supporting colleagues with their mental wellbeing in the workplace and give examples of how their network has been a success. This includes wellbeing, parenting, LGBTQIA+, neurodiversity and faith networks.

7. Best Wellbeing Resources (NEW)

This award recognises organisations who have supplied excellent wellbeing resources to support employee mental wellbeing. This may include intranets, webinars, talks and apps. Entries should outline examples of how they promote resources and usage rates.

The Mental Wellbeing Solutions Awards

8. Best Use of Product or Technology for Wellbeing

This category recognises the use of a product or technology which is utilised to implement mental health and wellbeing support. Entries should be submitted in the form of a case study with examples of effective implementation which demonstrate how the solution is supporting mental wellbeing within the organisation. This category is open to companies and suppliers alike and all entries should include the results and impact achieved. Products or technology could include but are not limited to physical products, courses and technological products such as apps or Employee Assistant Programmes.

9. Wellbeing Provider of the Year

This category recognises a supplier/vendor who can demonstrate outstanding product benefits and client service. Whether you are an EAP, app, online resource, data provider, trainer, strategist, consultancy or agency, this category aims to celebrate those providers who want to be recognised as best in class. Entries should be submitted in the form of two case studies, and client testimonials will be required for this category.

The Inspiration Awards

10. Most Inspiring Mental Wellbeing Champion, Ally or First Aider

This award allows companies to recognise an outstanding Champion, Ally or wellbeing First Aider who has shown dedication in supporting their colleagues. Nominated by their colleagues or themselves, this individual will have demonstrated their ability to truly go above and beyond.

11. ​Hero of the Year Award (NEW)

This category recognises those individuals in organisations who deserve the recognition for their hard work, commitment, and support to mental health and wellbeing. This person may have just started their journey, be an existing mental wellbeing ally, or be someone who isn’t usually working in this space but has offered huge support to colleagues. Entrants should be nominated by their organisation.

12. The Storyteller Award

This category recognises an inspiring storyteller who - through sharing their experiences - has created positive change within their workplace, industry or community. The judges will be looking for evidence of awareness raising, campaign creation and tackling stigma associated with mental wellbeing. Entrants can be nominated by their organisations or themselves.

13. Most Inspiring Senior Leader

This category recognises C-Suite employees, Senior Executives and Directors who have truly led from the top to tackle stigma around mental wellbeing. The nominated entrant will have gone above and beyond their day job to advance mental wellbeing in their workplace to ensure colleagues are appropriately supported. Entrants are nominated by themselves or their company.

14. Head of Wellbeing Award (NEW)

This category recognises an inspirational Head of Wellbeing. Entries are open to any leader regardless of where they sit or their department within the organisation, for example DE&I, HR, Rewards, Occupational Health or C Level Executives. This inspirational leader has worked hard to tackle stigma around mental wellbeing and has actively campaigned to ensure colleagues are appropriately supported. Entrants can be submitted by colleagues or themselves.

Recognition of Excellence Awards (non-entering)

15. This Can Happen Grand Prix Winner 2024

This award is given to the most outstanding award entry, chosen by our panel of esteemed judges.

16. This Can Happen Company of the Year (NEW)

This discretionary award is presented to a company that has demonstrated their commitment to workplace wellbeing.

17. Founders’ Choice Award: Outstanding Service to Mental Wellbeing

This discretionary award is given to an individual or organisation that the Founders of This Can Happen feel deserves recognition for their work in promoting excellence in mental wellbeing.