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During the pandemic we ran several free webinars to support employees, covering a host of new topics dealing with employee mental health. We continue to organise these free webinars so please do watch them and share with your colleagues and employees. Click here to be notified of all our free webinars.

"I have found the webinars thought-provoking and beneficial in my role as an HR Advisor, they certainly add value to my knowledge and skills bank."

Providing Safety and Supporting Mental Health in the Age of Hybrid Working
Webinar took place on Wednesday 2 November at 2:00pm GMT
Presented by Naz Dossa, CEO, PeopleSafe

In this webinar, we will highlight the specific concerns that employees have around physical safety, especially within the context of hybrid working, understanding how this impacts their mental health and sharing key recommendations for employers about supporting their staff in this area.


How stress can affect your menopause
Webinar took place on Tuesday 18 October at 2.00pm GMT

In this webinar for Menopause Awareness Month our Nutritional Therapist Laura Southern explains the impact stress has on hormones and how this might be causing unwanted menopause symptoms. Including top tips and a Q&A, they will also discover ways to manage and support stress hormones through food, nutrients and lifestyle to help reduce menopause symptoms Webinar is £695 +VAT per company (as many employees you like.) 


Busting the Myths on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Webinar took place on Tuesday 4 October 2pm BST
Speakers: Amy Stephenson, Dr Evgenia Stefanopoulou and Dave Lewis

When is CBT appropriate? Is CBT superficial? Does CBT take a one size fits all approach? Can it really help me? These are all common questions that people have about the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). In this evidence-based webinar, we will answer these questions and cut through some of the misconceptions about the treatment, outlining key facts about CBT and how it works – and the positive impact that this can have on mental health at work.


CHARITY WEBINAR - Alzheimers and Dementia Awareness
Webinar took place on Thursday 15 September at 2.00pm GMT

Webinar is £495 +VAT per company (as many employees you like can attend) and proceeds go the charity Mental Health UK. 


Affected by suicide: creating open conversations around suicide
Webinar took place on Tuesday 13th September at 2pm BST
Presented by: Amandip Sidhu, Michael Benjamin & Nicki Parfitt

In this webinar, we will hear personal stories from three individuals all affected quite differently by suicide as they share their experiences and take part in an open Q&A.

Webinar is £695 +VAT per company (as many employees as you like can attend.)


Suicide prevention: creating suicide safer communities and workplaces
Webinar took place on Monday 12th September at 12pm BST
Presented by: Hannah Opie, Community Development Officer, PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide

How big of an issue is suicide in the UK? This webinar will share statistics and data and will address what we can do to create suicide safer communities or workplaces. 

Webinar is £695 +VAT per company (as many employees as you like can attend.)


When it is darkest: understanding suicide risk
Webinar took place on Thursday 8th September at 9am BST
Presented by Rory O'Connor, Professor of Health Psychology

Suicide and self-harm are major public health concerns with complex pathways. In this webinar, Rory will draw from his book, which aims to get to the heart of this most tragic of human outcomes, challenging myths and misunderstandings and bringing together the personal and the professional. 

Webinar is £695 +VAT per company (as many employees as you like can attend.)


Ignored, unsupported and untreated: How to engage men with mental health at work
Webinar took place on Wednesday 29 June at 2pm GMT

This webinar will be hosted by Jack Curzon, Partnerships Director at Peppy, in conversation with Dr. Jeff Foster about men’s mental health at work. This will touch upon: toxic masculinity in the workplace, pressures of the rising cost of living, the connection between physical and mental health, and showing how these connect with men’s mental health more broadly.


How energy – not time – unlocks performance, health and happiness
Presented by Professor Jo Clarke, Petros
Webinar took place on Tuesday 19 April at 2.00pm GMT

This webinar will look at how managing our energy contributes to our overall resilience and will provide plenty of practical, easy tips to immediately enhance your energy.


Towards an age of hybrid working: keeping wellbeing in focus
Presented by Dr Nick Early and Leon Outar, Happence
Webinar took place on Wednesday 16 March at 3.30pm GMT

As the world begins to assess the long-term implications of Covid-19, it seems likely that hybrid working is here to stay. But what are the mental health and wellbeing implications – both good and bad – for companies and individuals? This webinar will examine some of these wellbeing considerations from a psychological perspective and offer advice and guidance on how best to look after yourself and your team.


CHARITY WEBINAR - Neurodiversity and Mental Health
Webinar took place on Tuesday 22 March at 2.00pm GMT

Webinar is £495 +VAT per company (as many employees you like can attend) and proceeds go the charity Beyond. 


Self-care in an unstable world
with Lynsey Metcalfe, Master personal trainer and health coach
Webinar took place on Monday 7 March at 2.00pm GMT

Recent global events have created feelings of uncertainty and being overwhelmed for many people. Though it can seem hard to carry on as normal when we can do nothing to influence events, this free webinar examines why we react the way we do and the neuroscience behind our reactions. It will provide tools and techniques to help increase our personal resilience in times of crisis, helping us to better manage our emotions and stresses.


CHARITY WEBINAR - The Parent's Survival Guide
Presented by Suzanne Alderson, Parenting Mental Health Charity
Webinar took place on Wednesday 9 February 2.00pm GMT

How to understand and support your child's poor mental health.

Webinar is £495 +VAT per company (as many employees you like can attend) and proceeds go the charity Beyond. 


Skills for the Future Series - Listening
with Katie Colombus
Webinar took place on Wednesday 8 September at 2.00pm GMT

Listening is a really underrated skill but active listening can really help someone when they’re going through a hard time. We all have the ability to be there for one another, and it’s possible to develop our listening skills so that we can improve communication and look out for the ones we love. 


Skills for the Future Series - The importance of empathy
with Daniel Fryer
Webinar took place on Thursday 1 July at 2.00pm GMT

Empathy is crucial to our mental health. Both personally and professionally, being able to connect with others is essential to our wellbeing. Without the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we lose that sense of belonging. Thankfully, there are things you can do to build empathy if you think you don’t have it or to boost it if you don’t yet consider it a strength.


Skills for the Future Series – Overcoming mental health bias
with Catherine Hamilton
Webinar took place on Wednesday 23 June at 2.00pm GMT

We are mostly unaware of our bias and how it can affect the wellbeing of others and therefore their performance.  Raising our understanding of how our bias towards mental health may impact the way we speak and behave to others is a step in the right direction. So, let's begin to raise our awareness to mitigate the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental health.


Mental Fitness - Breathing
with Jamie Clements
Webinar took place on Wednesday 26 May at 2:00pm GMT

Jamie Clements is a breathwork coach and mental health advocate. Jamie founded The Breath Space to make this incredibly powerful tool accessible to everyone, allowing people to tap into the power of their breath to shift their physical, mental and emotional state. In this session, Jamie introdcued us to what breathwork really is and how it works, before taking us through a guided session and providing you with the tools to implement breathwork into your daily life.


Mental Fitness - The Power of Music
with Dr Julia Jones
Webinar took place on Monday 19 April at 2:00pm GMT

Biohacking is growing fast but how much do you know about this science-led, smart wellness movement? Neuroscientist and biohacker, Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock, reveals how and why business leaders, elite sports and military are harnessing biohacks, such as music for wellness. Julia Jones explains why ‘smart wellness’ and ‘biohacking’ is the future of workforce wellbeing. 


Mental Fitness - taking a pause
with Susan Peacock
Webinar took place on Thursday 25 March at 2:00pm GMT

Susan Peacock presents an overview of mindfulness, meditation and some useful practices to 'take a pause' during your busy day.

A Chartered Psychologist and mindfulness trainer with a background in global advertising, Susan Peacock helps people be their best at work and in life in an increasingly uncertain, highly pressurised world.


The Fatigued Employee
In conversation with Daniel Fryer, Psychotherapist & Life Coach
Webinar took place on Monday 15 March at 2:00pm GMT

How much has the employee changed during this pandemic? Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Daniel Fryer, discusses 'The Fatigued Employee' and shares tips on how to support your employees and keep them motivated during this pandemic


Supporting Mental Health Champions and Ambassadors
Terry Streather - Webinar took place on 11 February at 3:00 pm GMT

Join fellow mental health champions from a range of different companies sharing the challenges and successes of the past 12 months. Whether you are supporting more people now than ever, or hardly being contacted at all, this presenter-led session gives you the opportunity to hear from others and share and explore ways of looking after your own wellbeing whilst supporting others. 



Mental Health Workouts
with Harriet Beveridge
11 Jan, 25 Jan and 1 Feb at 2.00pm GMT
Join Harriet for three 30 minute mental health workouts (think of Joe Wicks for your mind!). Focussed on building and maintaining your resilience, each session will offer different techniques to maintain mental fitness and self-care.
Sign up/view each different session and please share with colleagues, friends and family.

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Lockdown Live Clinic
Q&A took place on Friday 8 January at 10.00am GMT

Live Q&A session for all those involved in supporting the mental health of their colleagues. The clinic was broadcast live on our LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube pages with specialists including Katie Legg from Mental Health UK and other guest panellists. 


Lockdown 2.0 - what next for workplace mental health
Webinar took place on 05 November 2020

As the UK enters its second lockdown, This Can Happen is pleased to host 3 senior leaders who will discuss how to support employees mental health in the winter lockdown.

Monika Misra - Head of Health & Wellbeing EMEA, GlaxoSmithKline
Toni Graves -  Global Head of Reward and Wellbeing, Allen & Overy LLP
Sarah Boddey -  Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, EMEA & APAC
Northern Trust


2020 vision: what meaningful and collaborative workplace mental health provision looks like in a year like no other
Brian Dow, CEO – Mental Health UK
Richard Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer, ISG Ltd 
Daryoush Moezzi, Senior Manager, Business Development Representative, Salesforce

Webinar took place on 27 October at 11.00am

In a year where we’ve had to adapt everything to tread water, we will explore how businesses across the UK have pivoted to respond to the mental health needs of their colleagues, their customers and their community. In this webinar, we will explore examples from across a range of businesses and share his thoughts on what role you could play.


Personal Stories from our This Can Happen Ambassadors
Webinar took place on 14 July at 11.00am with Amy, Paul and Nick
Webinar took place on 6 August at 11.00am: Harpreet, Fabian and Sylvia

This Can Happen is delighted to introduce our 6 ambassadors who are all passionate individuals determined to drive change in workplace mental health. Join our webinar to hear their amazing individual stories about their own personal challenges with mental health, how they have overcome this and how they are now working to empower others in positive mental health within the workplace.


Surviving the Summer Holidays - Family, Work and your Mental Health
Dr Judith Mohring - Webinar took place on 1 July at 11.00am

The summer holidays are often a challenge for working parents anyway, after 4 months of lockdown we may feel all our resources are spent. This webinar focusses on sharing and normalising the many highs and lows of family life over the last few months. We will discuss practical, positive approaches to the holiday period so we can all have a rest before September comes.


Resilience, Bouncebackability and Gearing Up For Yet More Change
Harriet Beveridge - Webinar took place on 18 June at 11.00am

How do we re-emerge from a world that's been turned upside down? After months of pressure on our personal, family and business lives, how do we continue to deal with uncertainty and adapt to who-knows-what as Lockdowns ease? In this webinar, bestselling author, Harriet Beveridge, shares science-based, practical, powerful strategies for keeping resilient.


Plagued by worry and negative thinking? How to deal with your Inner Critics and find your Inner Champion
Tracy Forsyth - Webinar took place on 14 May at 2.00pm

Most ambitious, hard-working and driven people are also very self-critical. In this unprecedented time of uncertainty about the future both in terms of work and home, the inner critic really comes to the fore with worst case thinking and negative self trash talk. This workshop shows you how to identify and understand your inner critics and unhelpful negative self-talk and discover inner champions to help balance them out.


Nutrition for Stress, Fear and Uncertainty
Christine Bailey - Webinar took place on 7 May at 2.00pm

With everyone at home and work and school schedules disrupted, whether living alone or in lockdown with the family, loss of a daily routine can increase anxiety, stress and disrupt healthy eating. Nutritionist Christine discusses how to ensure a nutritious diet while being in lockdown and the key foods, nutrients and supplements to support mental health and reduce anxiety.


Managing Mental Health during These Challenging Times
David Beeney - Webinar took place on 1 May at 11.30am

Our mental health has never been so challenged on mass as we struggle to cope with the coronavirus. In this webinar we look at the best ways of looking after ourselves and our colleagues with particular emphasis on how to stay emotionally connected while remote.


Coping with Loss during COVID-19
Dr Chloe Mitchell - Webinar took place on 22 April at 11am

Navigating loss is part of everyday life in these uncertain times. It is unfolding on many fronts, with loss of life's norms, routines, working practices, social and professional support networks, financial securities and economic conditions. Most importantly, thousands are also contending with loss of loved ones to COVID-19 in very abnormal circumstances. This webinar aims to cover a wide range of circumstances to support loss.


How to Sleep Well in a Changed World
Maryanne Taylor - Webinar took place on 17 April at 11.00am

As we now find ourselves in a new reality, with all the worry and anxiety this brings, you may find that you are now struggling with your sleep and sleep patterns have changed since this started. Even previously good sleepers, may find themselves struggling to get to sleep, waking in the night or very early in the morning.  


Cancelled Exams – Supporting Our Teens With Their Mental Health
Celine Brown - Webinar took place on 30 March at 9.30am

Our young people are facing extraordinary circumstances, especially those who were working so hard towards national exams.  In this session, we provide support on how best to guide them during this uncertain time. 



COVID-19 – Curing Your Finances 
Sarah Steel -  Webinar took place on 7 April at 11.30am

Whilst the primary concern during this time is our physical health, our financial wellbeing is increasingly important as people worry about losing jobs, paying bills and seeing their investments fall. Join our webinar to learn how to manage your finances at this crucial time. 


Top Tips for Optimising Home Working
Laura Fox - Webinar took place on 3 April at 11.30am

During these extremely challenging times, home working has become mandated where possible and this webinar will focus on ensuring that you can achieve maximum potential whilst working from home. It's so important to look after yourself physically and mentally, and we will provide top tips on how to approach this.


This Can Happen Friends

Interested in becoming a This Can Happen Friend? Find out more about our 12 month rolling programme to support employee mental health strategies within your workplace.


We are delighted to announce our new partnership with This Can Happen, supporting us in offering the right mental health and wellbeing support to all our staff in every country across our EMEA region. For our people to truly thrive and be at their happiest, creative best, mental well-being has to be at the centre of what we do.

Michael Frohlich , EMEA CEO and Global Transformation Lead, Weber Shandwick