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Winner of Best New Workplace Approach to Mental Health at This Can Happen Awards 2019

Contributor: Cicely King, Assistant Brand Manager & Thrive Employee Resource Group co-lead, MoneySuperMarket
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It was a great privilege for Thrive to win the Best New Workplace Approach to Mental Health award at the This Can Happen 2019 Awards. Thrive is a relatively new employee resource group at MoneySuperMarket Group, set up in the summer of 2018, and it was an honour to see the group’s efforts recognised. 

Thrive stemmed from a new push for diversity and inclusion initiatives in the wider company, including mental health. Prior to Thrive, there simply wasn’t any conversation around mental health, and it was clear that mental health needed to be prioritised in order to create an inclusive workplace environment. Thrive’s strategic goals are to reduce the mental health stigma, open a conversation around mental health, and provide workplace focussed mental health training. 

The initiatives that Thrive implemented in the first year have set the groundwork to equip colleagues with both an increased awareness of mental health conditions, and the tools in which to manage mental health conversations at work. Thrive used a multifaceted approach to do so: providing certified training, webinars, promoting events in the mental health calendar, creating online and physical spaces for colleagues to focus on their mental health, and invited external and internal speakers to talk about their experiences. 

The most impactful initiatives were internal employees, including senior leaders, volunteering to talk about their experiences of mental health. To see co-workers, particularly senior leaders, discuss their mental health in an honest and vulnerable way is incredibly powerful, and has given other colleagues permission to talk openly about their own mental health. Gaining the support of senior leaders on Thrive’s work has been invaluable, and one of the biggest factors in the group’s success. Thrive has worked hard to receive feedback, listen to colleagues needs, and adapt our focus in order to improve initiatives and ensure that Thrive’s work in itself is as inclusive as possible.  

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The content – once again – was brilliant. It is, far and away, the best conference out there.

Alex Bishop, Head of Organisational Development & Inclusion, General Dental Council