Employee Grief Questionnaire

Designed to understand how workplaces are looking after employees who are experiencing or have experienced grief.

Employee Grief Questionnaire  hero image

Sue Ryder estimated in 2022 that in the last year, 24% of the working population in Britain has experienced a bereavement, which equates to around 7.9 million people. This is a significant amount of people. Bereavement support charity, Cruse, estimates that for each death six people experience intense grief, therefore bereavement causes nearly two million working people to suffer from intense grief each year, alongside those still grieving from a bereavement in previous years. Of those 5% (around 95,000) experiencing intense grief end up leaving their jobs after six months, and do not work for the rest of the year.

This questionnaire is designed to understand more about how employees who have/are experiencing grief feel about the support they get from their workplace. We want to understand how organisations are looking after their employees during this life event and what employees would like to see done differently.

This survey is completely confidential and data will be anonymised so no one can be identified.


We are grateful to NatWest Group for their support without which we would not be able to undertake this valuable research.

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