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5 food prepping tips to feel great after an online event

With so many events now running online, it’s never been easier to access experts from across the world and join in from the comfort of your home PC. 

Organisers are being super creative in planning engaging formats to help you get the most from this new normal. But many of us have also felt less than great after a day sat on Zoom calls, over-caffeinated and without breaks. So, how can we prep for a day of online presentations and high-level engagement so we’ll feel good at the end of the session?

Our BDA Work Ready dietitians have the inside track on the latest approaches to eating patterns which support wellbeing, so we asked them for 5 top tips for online conference delegates.

1. Be intentional

Many of us are working within a few feet of our fridge, which means our food and drink choices may not be made mindfully. Plan your meals and snacks for the day so you’re making a positive choice about your food. Live conferences often provide little choice for healthier options so make the most of being able to choose for yourself.

2. Avoid multi-tasking

It’s tempting to eat a meal during one of the conference sessions so you have more time for connecting or catching up on work emails during lunch. Try to schedule some time for lunch so you can relax and enjoy your food in the moment.

3. Eat foods for fuel and nourishment

Most of us benefit from breakfast so don’t skip it to get to the early morning sessions. Choose options that are satisfying to you, give you energy and are nourishing to your body. Snacks like apple slices, a handful of nuts or crisp breads can be good choices for grazing, but whatever you choose, be intentional about snacking by taking time to enjoy the taste, texture and aroma of the food.

4. Keep topped up on fluids

We need 6-8 drinks a day as well as the fluid found in our food. Water’s best for most of us so keep a large glass at hand, top it up regularly and have a drink at the start of each session. A large mug of tea of coffee can also help but if you are sensitive to caffeine then choose decaffeinated options in the later afternoon. This supports a great night’s sleep even with all the new information and contacts buzzing in your head. 

5. Keep moving

Try standing or moving around while watching the presentations to break up sedentary behaviour. Plus have a look at some of these desk based exercises from our friends at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy before the day and schedule them in during some of the less intense talks https://www.csp.org.uk/public-patient/keeping-active-healthy/staying-healthy-work/desk-based-exercises

The BDA is the professional body and trade union for dietitians in the UK. For more food based tips, take a look at some of the BDA food facts on hydration, healthy eating and snacks.

BDA Work Ready has a national network of specialist dietitians who focus on supporting workplace health through tailored nutrition interventions. For more information or advice for your organisation please visit www.bdaworkready.co.uk or contact workready@bda.uk.com

Jo Lewis
BDA Partnership Manager


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